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New Systems Pending…

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New Systems Pending…

On 18th October 2021 Hobs Moat Medical Centre is upgrading it’s clinical systems. This is due to a number of reasons:

  1. We were seeing repeated issues with electronic prescriptions
  2. We were frequently having periods of time where the system would become unresponsive and cause delays to processes
  3. The system was running much slower than required
  4. The new system allows easier communication between our staff which will improve efficiencies within the practice
  5. The new system has more sophisticated reporting services which means our recall of patients process will be slicker and we will aim to carry out all routine reviews in one appointment rather than in multiple separate appointments

Preparation for these changes

The practice has been undergoing months of preparation work for the new system. From 11th October – 15th October the previous system will become redundant and the new system will not yet be in use.


This will mean we are having to print all prescriptions off, rather than sending electronically. We are asking patients to provide 72 hours notice where possible for their prescriptions. Local pharmacies are collecting prescriptions from us on a daily basis but the times can differ, it is therefore important to call the pharmacy first to see if they have your prescription yet, if they do not you can choose to collect from us or wait until the next day to collect from the pharmacy. We will be issuing two month’s supplies of medication to patients where appropriate also. Patient online Access will not be accessible. Therefore, to order prescriptions you will either need to, post through the letterbox/send via post or email us at [email protected] We do accept prescription requests over the telephone from patients who are housebound or aged over 70.
If you are aged over 70 and can email us or post the prescription, we kindly ask that you do this instead as it keeps the queue lengths down on the telephone.


Our appointments will be on the day only at from 11th October – 18th October. Pre-bookable slots will be released from 19th October onwards.

From 25th October, we will be offering more face to face appointments than telephone appointments. If your issue can be dealt with via the telephone you may still have a telephone consultation, we appreciate that this is favourable to some patients. For appointments where an examination will be needed, you will be automatically offered a face to face appointment, unless there are none left to offer, in which case you may be offered a telephone triage slot first so the doctor can decide when you need to be seen in person i.e. straight away or in a week’s time.


The change of systems is essential, especially in the current climate where demand is higher than ever on our services. There will naturally be an adjustment period for our staff as they learn to navigate their way around the system. Please be patient with our staff.

Any patients found to be abusive towards staff in any way will either be given a first and final warning, removed from the practice list and/or reported to the police where necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to sharing these improvements with our patients.