Hobs Moat Medical Centre


Booking a Doctor’s Appointment

We offer appointments with our doctor’s every morning and afternoon Monday to Friday – we do not close for lunch and our usual opening times are 8am to 6.30pm.

Occasionally, we do close for a training event on an afternoon, but these dates are clearly displayed in our waiting room and on our website. Like other doctors’ surgeries, it can sometimes seem difficult to get an appointment with the GP you want at a time that you want.

Please also remember that our female GP partners are part time. Their appointments are further restricted as they each take turns in being the emergency doctor, so on these days, they will have no prebookable appointments for the afternoon of that day.

Telephone consultations can be used as an alternative to a face to face consultation in certain circumstances where a problem can be resolved with brief advice. For example, queries about medication, test results, fit notes, initial queries about symptoms. A telephone consultation can often prevent the need for a visit to the doctor. We use this method to ‘triage’ patients. You will be asked by the reception team for some brief details and a telephone number where the doctor can reach you. This helps the doctor to prioritise so that patients are seen according to their need. Patients will always be offered a face to face consultation where necessary.

Our receptionists are trying very hard to stop advising patients to ring back on another day. However, for them to help you, please be prepared to either tell them the nature of your problem, or to be asked what it is you need to see the doctor for.

All surgeries are by appointment. Please give as much notice as you can for routine appointments. Where possible, please try to see the same doctor throughout an illness or problems, so that they are familiar with your treatment and progress. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please inform the receptionist, so that someone else can be offered your place.

Late Arrivals

Patients who are unable to check in via our self-check in screen because they are more than 5 minutes late for their appointment will need to see a receptionist who will speak to the doctor to see if you can still be seen.

Telephone Appointments

All our doctors’ offer pre-booked telephone consultations, so if you think that your questions could be answered over the telephone, please ask the receptionists to book a time slot for you. For example, if you wanted to speak to a doctor regarding test results, this does not necessarily mean you need a face to face consultation.

Long Appointments

If you have a lot to discuss, please advise the receptionist, who can give you a longer appointment, thus avoiding delays to other patients.

Urgent Appointments

If you need to be seen the same day, we will arrange this for you. However, we may not be able to offer you the time or the doctor of your choice. If we are very busy, you may be asked to speak to one of the doctors, who will be able to assess the urgency of your case.

Book Your Appointments Online

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