Hobs Moat Medical Centre

Surgery Hours

Doctor Availability

MondayDr. Crichton, Dr Matthews, Dr Banerjee, Dr MaldeDr. Crichton, Dr Matthews, Dr Banerjee, Dr Malde
TuesdayDr. Crichton, Dr. Malik. Dr Malde, Dr GowdaDr. Crichton, Dr. Malik. Dr Malde, Dr Gowda
WednesdayDr. Cowles, Dr. Matthews,Dr Ridge, Dr MaldeDr. Cowles, Dr. Matthews, Dr. Banerjee, Dr.Malde, Dr Ridge
ThursdayDr. Crichton, , Dr. Banerjee, Dr. Malik. Dr RidgeDr. Crichton,  Dr. Banerjee,  Dr Ridge, Dr Gowda
FridayDr. Cowles, Dr. Crichton, Dr Ridge, Dr GowdaDr. Cowles, Dr. Crichton, Dr. Ridge, Dr Gowda

Further details of consultation times are available at Reception.

Please note that due to holidays or other absence, the doctors may change their working week. In addition, one of the GP’s undertakes the emergency sessions each day and therefore will not have any routine prebookable appointments for their afternoon sessions. For example, Dr Crichton undertakes the emergency session on a Monday and therefore, will not offer routine prebookable slots after 9.30am on a Monday.