New Appointment Book

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From the 4th July we will be introducing a clinically-led triage system for urgent appointments at the practice.

You will be asked by a receptionist questions such as:

  • Your presenting problem
  • How long you have had your symptoms for
  • Remedies tried already

Your presenting problem will then be assessed by a clinical member of the team.

The outcome of your triage will be dependent on symptoms.

You may be:

  • Asked to attend an external healthcare provider such as an optician or pharmacy
  • Booked in for an appointment for the same day
  • Booked in for an appointment in the future
  • Contacted by the triaging clinician directly

Why are we introducing this system?

By introducing a clinically led triage system we can ensure that our urgent appointments are appropriately booked. It will allow patients calling to at least have their symptoms assessed by a medical professional rather than hearing the usual “full to capacity message”.

When should I call?

It is difficult to determine what time we are able to keep our triage system open until. We will aim to keep our triage system open for as long as possible from 08:30 in the morning, however, should demand on our system compromise working safely and effectively, triage will close. A message will be on the phone to state this.

After a few weeks of trialling this system, we will have a better understanding of the demand on our system and will look to implement a set time that triage will close.