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News About the Practice

Did you know that you can rate our Practice on NHS Choices? We would love you to report positive comments here, but if there is any aspect of our service that fails to live up to your expectations, then we would very much like you to email our practice manager by using the links at the bottom of every page.

The NHS has produced a video showing how one practice uses comments to try and improve their service – we would like to think we do the same. for example, we are currently investigating ways of making our front door easier to handle!

Have you heard about Healthwatch? This is a fairly new organisation, with a branch based in Solihull that allows you to give feedback on all sorts of NHS and social care services. They would really like to hear from you – for more information, visit their website here

What about the Care Quality Commission – they are the organisation that monitors quality in health and social care providers of which we are one. For more information, the CQC have produced a short video which you can watch here

The latest patient surveys for our Practice are now available. To view these please click here. If you have any suggestions for improvement when you have read the surveys, we would really like to hear from you. You can either email the Practice using the email address on this website, or come into reception. You could even join our PPG group!

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

We have had a successful patient participation group running for just over 9 years. They meet to discuss the outcomes of patient surveys and make suggestions as to what services we could offer, or how we can improve existing services.

We have two options to becoming a PPG member, you can either come to the practice or join as a virtual member, either way if you think you could help us please complete the form by clicking here. If you do not have the time to spend attending meetings, you could become one of our virtual PPG members. We will periodically e mail you with minutes of our patient group meetings, details of surveys we would like you to complete and ask for your opinions about any new service we might be thinking about introducing.

We have just finished reviewing all the work we have done in the last 12 months, helped by our patient discussion group. To view the report, survey results and our action plans, please click here.

To see our regular practice newsletters, click here.

Do you have a Wish?

Can you think of one thing you would like her to do, change or do better? Our Practice Manager, Sandra has dusted off her fairy wand and is working very hard at the moment to grant both patient and staff wishes to help improve our services. We had a meeting of all our staff on Wednesday 3rd August. All of our various teams such as the nurses and receptionists were asked to come up with ‘wish lists’. Sandra is now working through these to see which ones we can make come true. So, if you have one thing you were like her to look at, please email her on [email protected].

A Wish Granted!

Patients have been asking for some time if they can be kept informed when a doctor or nurse is running late. We have been trying to use the tannoy to make announcements in the waiting room, but this does depend on someone remembering to do this. However, today, we have had the touch screen updated that you use to check yourself in for your appointment. You will now see a message on the bottom of the page once you have entered your details, that will tell you approximately how long you will wait after your alloted appointment time.

Register for on line appointment booking here

Please note we are unable to offer nurse appointment booking via this system. This is because all our nurses are specialised in different areas and we need to ensure that when you book, you are booked with the correct nurse.

We were one of the first practices who use the clinical software system known as Vision to offer this service in the West Midlands. As such we have had one or two teething problems. However, we think that these have all been resolved. If you have problems of any kind in accessing the system, then please telephone the practice or email us using the form on this website and let us know. We are only aware of problems when our patients tell us – so please help us to help you and let us know – thank you!